1. APSIG Lectures

  2016 APSIG      
    Jeremy Malcolm, Multistakeholder Model
    Mahesh Uppal, Net Neutrality
    Pablo Hinojosa, Internet Policy Principles
    Jim Foster, Political Perspective
    KS Park, Legal Perspective
    KS Park, Human Rights - General
    (Susan Landau, Surveillance (KAIST)

  2017 APSIG
    Anita Gurumurthy, Gender and the Internet
    Chinmayi Arun, Internet Policy Principles
    Kilnam Chon, IoT Governance
    Jim Foster, Moving to Digital Economy
    Kenny Huang, Local Language Support
    KS Park, Data Governance
    Rajnesh Singh, Internet Governance EcoSystem
    Susan Landau, Cybersecurity
    Susan Landau, Surveillance

 2018 APSIG
    Kilnam Chon       7.1  Digital Governance               [ppt]                                                   
   Danit Gal             7.6B  AI Governance                   [ppt] 
   Kenji Saito           7.5B  Blockchain Governance     [ppt] 
   Sunyoung Yang   2.2  Social Perspective                [ppt
   Li, Xing                4.3  Names and Numbers            [ppt]       
   Eneken Tikk        6.1  Cyber Security - General       [ppt 

2. Others 
inSIG 2016

    Wolfgang Kleinwaechter, History of Internet Governance, 2015

    Role of Governments in Multistakeholder Cooperation, Building Bridges, IGF, Bali, 2013.
    Human Rights on the Internet, IGF, Baku, 2013.
    Future of Privacy, IGF, Vilnius, 2010.
    Dynamic Coalition on Child Online Safety, 7th Meeting, IGF, Bali, 2013.
    Privacy in Asia, IGF, Bali, 2013.

Internet History & Internet Governance Multimedia

    Geoff Huston, Forensic Tracing in the Internet - An Update, Network Security Session, APRICOT, 2017. [video]
    Geoff Huston, Fragmentation Considered Harmful?, APNIC, 2014. [video?] [ppt]
    Carnegie Colloquium,  Future of Internet Governance in Post-Transition Period, CMU, 2017.12.2.