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7.5 Governance of Block Chain and Digital Commerce

7.5A Blockchain Governance

  Class Outline    
    Digital currency; Bitcoin, Libra,...
    Blockchain governance
  Class Description (Kenji Saito)
   This lecture on blockchain governance gives a general model of what
   blockchain and other distributed ledger technology try to achieve and
   how they work, as well as their technological and social/political issues. 
   It also questions how technological platforms may take on roles of
   governmental functionality and what it is to automate the society as a whole.

  Class Description - Blockchain Governance Design (by Fred Ehrsam, 2017)
    Two critical components of blockchain governance; incentives and mechanisms for coordination
    Current approaches; Bitcoin, Ethereum
    New chains experimenting with on-chain governance
    Double-edged sword of on-chain governance
    Future approaches
    Voting with people or money?
    Other tools
  Lecture Pool: Kenji Saito

  Lecture Candidates: Pindar Wong, Myung Sahn Juhn

7.5B Digital Commerce Governance

  Class Outline
   Digital commerce (B2B, B2C, C2C,...)
   Digital payment: Alipay, WeChatpay, M-Pesa, Pay Pal,...
   Digital mall: Taobao,...

  Lecture Candidates: Yiping Huang/Peking University, 


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