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8.4 Content Governance (Social Media Governance)

Class Outline (draft)

  Traditional media and social media
  Social media policy
  Crisis management
  Freedom of expression
  Content ownership 
  Content regulation
  Case studies: Fake news, hate speech,...

Class Description

Lecture Pool:

Lecturer Candidates: Chimney Arun, KS Park,...

  Chinmayi Arun, CCG Connect, Jan-Mar 2017.
  Global Internet and Jurisdiction Conference, 2016, 2018, 2019. [2018 Report, 2018 Video]
  Paul Lewis, Our mind can be hijacked, Guardian, 2017.10.6.
  A. Linke and A. Zerfars, Social Media Governance: regulatory framework for successful online communications, JCOM, 2012.
  Alexic Madrigal, What Facebook did to American democracy?, Atlantic, 2017.10.
  J. Obar and S. Wildman, Special Issue on Governance of Social Media, Telecommunications Policy, 2015.10.
  RightsCon, 2017.