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7.7 Social Media Governance

Class Outline 

  Traditional media and social media
  Social media policy
  Crisis management
  Freedom of expression
  Content ownership 
  Content regulation
  Case studies: Fake news, hate speech,...

Class Description (by KS Park)
Social media, once branded as platform for democratization in Jasmin revolutions, is now being criticized for being the platform for government manipulation of public opinions as seen in Korea's National Intelligence Service's Twitter campaign in 2012 Presidential Election and also in Russian meddling of 2016 U.S. Election.  Also, social media has been criticized increasingly for deepening ideological divisions among people through the effects of echo chamber and filter bubble, and has been subject to rampant hate-ridden trolling, silencing minorities that cannot rely on the protection of the majority-influenced police.  What are the possible responses to these undemocratic failings of social media?  Fake news legislations such as Germany's Network Act?  What is the relationship with intermediary liability safe harbor, the underpinning of Internet freedom?  Return of real name law, to track down or kick out the anonymous trolls?  Institution of machine-based (therefore scalable) monitoring of hate content?  How should platform's own guidelines work with state regulation of the platforms?  What to do with bad states using the platforms' community guidelines to their own advantage?  
Lecture Pool: KS Park

Lecturer Candidates: Chimney Arun,...

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