AI Governance

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Goals - for 2019:
    1. To develop one-day AI Governance Workshops for 2019 APSIG  Meeting (from the half-day workshops in 2018).
           2019 APSIG -; 2 classes (AI, AI Governance), 
                                                       2 case study sessions (companies, countries)

    2. To support many national SIGs to offer classes on AI Governance and/or AI Introduction in 2019 and beyond.

    3. To develop "AI Governance" curriculum.
           Current draft class outline (AI Governance; Introduction) in 7.6 Artificial Intelligence (AI) -

Recommended Information Materials (You can find more in 7.6 Artificial Intelligence)
        The Algorithm, How the US regulate AI, 2019.4.
        Kilnam Chon, AI:Past and Present, 2018. AI Governance, 2019.
        Alan Dafoe, AI Governance: Research Agenda, Center for Study on AI Governance, Oxford, 2018.
        L. Floridi, et al., AI4People: An ethical frameworks fora good AI society," Minds and Machines, 2018.
        Michael Jordan, AI: revolution has not happened yet, Medium, 2018.4
        Henry Kissinger, How the enlightenment ends, The Atlantic, 2018.6 
        Medium, Every Machine Learning Course....... , 2018.12.
        Medium, Who is going to make money in AI? , 2018.12.(by Simon Greenman)
        Medium, An Overview of National AI Strategies – Politics + AI – Medium, 2018. (by Tim Dutton)
        Medium, Welcome to Politics + AI – Politics + AI, 2019.2. (by Tim Dutton)
        Medium, Do We Need to Dehumanize Artificial Intelligence? (Interview with Joanna Bryson), 2019.4.
        MIT Technology Review, International Panel on AI by Canada and France, 2018.12.
        New York Times, He Helped Create A.I. Now, He Worries About ‘Killer Robots,' 2019.3/4.
        A. Penel, Ethics, the new frontier of technology, Medium, 2019.4.23.
        Steven Strogatz, One giant step for a chess-playing machine, NYT, 2018.12.       
        Nick Bostrom, Superintelligence, 2014.
        Derin Cag, Top 20 AI books and white papers, 2017.10
        Kai-Fu Lee, AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley and New World Order, 2018.8. [TED Talk]; Good information source on China
        Y. Harari, 21 lessons to the 21st Century, 2018.  [Google Talk]
        Stephen Hawking, Brief answers to the big questions, 2018. (Chapter 9. Will AI outsmart us?)
        Mag Tegmark, Life 3.0. [video]
        Stuart Russel and Peter Norvig, AI: A modern approach, 2009 (3rd Edition); Major textbook on AI
        S. Matthew Liao, Ethics of AI, 2018.
        Amy Webb, The Big Nine: How the Tech Titans and Their Thinking Machines Could Warp Humanity, 2019. [swsx]
        AAAI                         Annual Conference, since 1980s (2019-01-27~02-02, Honolulu; 2020 New York)
        ACM/AAAI                AI, Ethics and Society, since 2016 (2019-01-27~28, Honolulu; 2020 New York)
        CFI, Cambridge        Kinds of Intelligence: Machine Minds, 2019.6.19-21
        Japanese Gov.         Conference Toward AI Network Society, 2017.  [Report]
        FLI                            Augmented Intelligence Summit, Santa Cruz, 2018.3.28-31.
        FLI                            Beneficial AI; 2015, 2017, 2019.1.4-7
         UAE                          Global Governance of AI, World Government Summit, Dubai, 2019.2.
        IJCAI                         International Joint Conference of AI since 1980s (2019-08-10~16, Macao)
        IPAI                           International Panel in AI (led by France and Canada)
        ITU                            AI for Good, 2017, 2018, 2019-05-28~31
        KIAS                         AI, Ethics, Governance, 2018.
        KAIST                       Taming AI, 2018.
        NeurIPS                    Montreal, 2018.12.2-8            
        OECD                       AI: Intelligent Machines and Smart Policies, 2017
        SGAI                         International Conference on AI, since 1980s
        SNU AI Policy Inst.   AI Today: Governance and Accountability, 2017, 2018.
        Tokyo University       AI and Society, 2017

        AI for All
        Coursera, AI for Everybody, 2019.
        MIT, Artificial General Intelligence, MIT 6.S099 (by Lex Fridman), 2018
        Microsoft, Artificial Intelligence Professional Program (with 10 courses)
        UC Berkeley, Introduction to AI, CS188. [First class as Introduction to AI in 85 minutes]
        U. of Helsinki, A free online course - Elements of AI, 2019.

        AAAI (AIES with ACM)
        ACM (FAT* Conference)
        Alan Turing Institute, UK
        Allen Institute for AI, USA
        Berkeley Existential Risk Initiative, USA
        Center for Study on AI Governance, Future of Humanity Institute, Oxford, UK
        Center for Study of Existential Risk (CSER), Cambridge, UK
        Creative AI, Austria
        Ethics and Governance of AI Foundation, USA
        Element AI, Canada   
        Future of Life Institute, USA
        Good AI, Czech
        iCenter, China
        ISO/IEC JTC1 SC42, Standardization on AI     
        K&L Gates Endowmenet for Ethisc and Computational Technologies, USA 
        Japan Society on AI, The Open Discussion on , (JSAI Ethics Committee, 2017.5.24. [Ethical Guideline], [Arisa Ema, AI Principles and Ethics)
        Leverhulme Center for Future of Intelligence (CFI); Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial College, Berkeley
        Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI), Berkeley
        OpenAI, USA
        Partnership on AI
        SNU AI Policy Initiative
        Wadhwani Institute for AI, Mumbai, [AI for Social Good,]
   Presentation Materials
        Danit Gal, AI Governance, APSIG, 2017
        Kilnam Chon, AI: Past and Present, APSIG, 2018., AI Governance, APSIG, 2018-2019.
        Woodraw Herzog, AI: Accountability, APSIG, 2018.
        Arisa Ema, AI Ethics and Policy, Taming AI, Seoul, 2018.
        Allan Dafoe, AI, Stregegy, Policy and Governacne, Beneficial AI, 2019. 

        Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics, 1940.
        Partinership on AI, Tenets2016.
        Asilomar AI Principles, 2017.
        Google, AI Principles, 2018. [AI Governance White Paper, 2019]
        IEEE, Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems, P7000, 2017.      
        FLI, Lethal Autonomous Weapon Pledge, 2018.8.1
        Japanese Government (Soumusho), AI R&D Principles, 2017.
        OECD, Going Digital - OECD AI Principles Adopted by 26 Countries, 2019.5.
        Global Governance of AI and World Government Summit, Dubai: Summary Report, February 2019.
        AAAI, 20 Year AI Research Roadmap, April 2019 (Draft in February 2019).
        EU, Ethics Guideline for Trustworthy AI, European AI Alliance/AIHLG, 2019. [7 Key Requirements]
        EU, Definition of AI, 2019.
        FLI, Global AI Policy, 2018.
        Chinese Government, "Vision on AI ascendancy", 2017. (in Chinese) [English translation]
        China Standard Administration, White Paper on AI in China, 2018. [English Translation]
        Japanese Government (Cabinet Office), AI and Human Society, 2017.
        McKinseyAI problems and promises, 2018.10. (and more in 2018)
        OECD AIGO, Recommendation of Council on AI (Principles), 2019.5.
        Oxford University, AI Governance Research, Center for Governance of AI, Future of Humanity Insitutte, 2018.
        Oxford University, AI: American attitudes and trends, Center for Governance of AI, Future of Humanity Insitute, 2019.1.
        Stanford AI 100 Report, 2015
        WebFoundation, Future of technology - AI. [White paper on AI: Road ahead in Low and Middle-Income Countries]

        UC Berkeley, Introduction to AI, CS188. [First class as Introduction to AI; 85 minutes]
        Andrew Ng, AI is new electricity, Stanford, 2017.  The State of Artificial Intelligence, Emtech, 2018.
        Mag Tegmark, 2018  
        Rahul Panicker, Wadhwani, Mumbai, AI for Social Good, MIT Emtech, 2019.
        Amnon Shashua, Success and challenges in modern AI, CBMM, MIT, 2019.
        Demis Hassabis, Power of Self-learning Systems, CBMM, MIT, 2019.
   Issue List
       1. Applicability of Internet governance to AI governance (and other Digital governance)
       2. Structure of AI Governance
       3. Additional classes on AI governance beyond "AI Governance: Introduction" such as
              - AI and Ethics             
              - AI and Security
              - AI Safety
              - AI and Economy 
              - AI and Society
              - AI and Law