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2.5 Social Perspective

[merged to 2.2 Social Perspective as Social Science perspective]
Social Perspective is a view on Internet governance from social science such as sociology, philosophy, anthropology, psychology, science and technology studies, and communication.

Class Outline 
   What is the definition of Internet governance in social sciences?
   What is covered in the first introductory lectures of a typical class on "Internet governance and social science?
   What does social scientist recommend Internet governance practitioners to know on social science including society, culture and person?

Class Description (by Yeong-Eum Lee)

    Various fields in social science are increasingly utilizing the concept of governance to understand the workings of topics such as politics, business                practices, and communication. The Social Perspective will attempt to develop a comprehensive view of Internet governance by examining how the                concept is applied in various areas. We will first examine the development of the definition of governance that are deemed to be important and conduct         an overview of how the concept is applied in various topical areas. Such incorporation of diverse topics will result in a wider understanding of the                 relationship between Internet governance and society. 

        -   The development and definition of Internet governance in the social sciences
        -   The concept of governance that is used to understand social phenomena?
        -   Consequences of employing the concept of Internet governance
        -   Internet governance and society

Lecture Pool:  
Additional Candidate LecturersMilton Mueller, Hans Klein, Adam Peake, Ang Peng Hwa, Sunyong Yang,....

   Jovan Kurvaijila, Bio,
   Jovan Kurvajila, Looking back to see ahead: Chinese Philosophy and the Interneet, 2016.
   Weishan Miao and Peng Hwa Ang, Internet governance: from the global to the local, 2016.
   Yeong-Eum Lee, Internet Governance in Korea, 2013.
  Yeong-Eum Lee, Bio, 2016. (in English)  (in Korean)