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7.1 Digital Governance (Cyberspace Governance)

Digital economy with its component economies including Internet Economy/IoT Economy, Data Economy and AI Economy among others are becoming prevalent. 
Governance on these new digital technologies and their applications are addressed in this class. We use digital governance and cyberspace governance interchangeably. 
Digital governance and Internet governance share many things in common, but their coverage is different.

Class Outline
  Definition of digital economy and digital governance
  Elements of digital governance
     - Internet governance
     - IoT governance
     - Data governance
     - AI governance
     - Cybersecurity governance 
     - Other governance (Telecommunications, Health, Education,...)
  Current status 
  Future direction

Class Description (by Kilnam Chon)
  Internet economy and other economies
  Digital Space and Internet
  Digital Space (Cyberspace) and Real Space
  Digital governance and Internet governance
  Digital governance - infrastructure
  Governance of digital space aspects
Cyberspace Governance Forum: Improve international rules (of 2017 World Internet Conference)
  International norms in cyberspace: development and prospect
  International cooperation in countering the use of cyberspace for criminal and terrorist purposes
  Safeguarding the future: online protection of underage users

Lecturer Pool: Kilnam Chon
Candidate Lecturers: 


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