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A.3 Fragmentation

Class Outline

Lecturer Pool:

Additional Candidate Lectures: Milton Mueller, Geoff Huston,..


 Christine Anda, Internet Fragmentation, MEAC-SIG, 2016.  [ppt]
 Kilnam Chon, Fragmentation - draft ppt, 2015.
 William J. Drake, Vint Cerf and Wolfgang Kleinwaechter, Internet Fragmentation, An Overview, WEF, 2016.
 GCIGOne Internet, Final Report, 2016.
 GCIG, Minutes of Seoul Meeting, 2014.10.
 Geoff Huston, Fragmentation considered harmful?, APNIC, 2014.
 IEEE Spectrum, Why Russia is building its own Internet, 2018.1.18.
 Milton Mueller, Will the Internet Fragment?, 2017.