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6.2 Cyber Crime

Class Outline

    Computer-related fraud
    Copyright infringement
    Child pornography
    Network security infringement

Class Description (by Chester Soong)

The course I used to teach at the university extension of HKU, named Cyber Crime Management, which covers in general the cycle of investigating a cyber crime from studying of the suspects' MO on committing the particular crime, digital evidence collection and crime scene management, and various relevant cyber crime laws, such as the Budapest Convention, etc. It is assuming that the students have basic IT and IT security knowledge. It is part of a post graduate diploma on IT and Forensics, and the students who would graduate from the program are expected to be able to prepare forensics report and witness statement to be admissible in court. If this is the level we are expecting of this module for our SIG, then I can provide my tripped down course outline to suit the length of the module. Otherwise, I can work out another one to suit a more general audience.

Class Description ( by Nadia Khadam)

This course will highlight the cybercrime issue & internet governance. It is important to define and understand the kinds of cybercrime and related emerging issues. The different requirement of this advanced field to combat. International convention will be discussed and its effect. For this module IT knowledge is not required. It will focus the general audience and it will be easy for them to understand the whole idea.

 Candidate Lecturer:  Chester Soong, Ronald Deibolt, Nadia Khadam, 


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