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6.1 Cyber Security - General

Class Outline 
   Definiton of cybersecurity
   History on cybersecurity
   Network security
   Data security
   Computer security
   Introduction to various aspects of cybersecurity
          - CERT/CSIRT:            general; private and public sectors
          - Cyber Crime:             law enforcement
          - Cyber Surveillance:   intelligence
          - Cyber Warfare:          military   
   cybersecurity governance
         - general
         - stakeholders
         - multistakeholder practice

Class Description (by Susan Landau): [ppt]

    Abstract: Even before the 1988 Morris Worm, the network has been
    provided a vector for attack. But early attacks, while disturbing to
    the military, were largely treated lightly by the civilian sector
    until the early 2000s. Even though some security measures were put in
    place, our cybersecurity remains poor.  Surveying the history of
    attacks over the last three decades, this talk will discuss why, what
    did we learn, and what might the future bring us.

Class Descriptoin (by Eneken Takk)
   This class explains the emergence of the ‘cyber security’ discourse through the advances and proliferation in information and communication technologies, and the 
   accompanying convergence of personal, corporate and political risk. The class will position cybersecurity vis-a-vis related themes like information security, network and data
    security, international cyber security and cybersecurity governance. The class will discuss the implications of cyber security concerns on development and decision-making.
Class Description (Internet Society; Online)

    Introduction to cybersecurity and resilience
    Importance of risk management
    Collaboration and coordination
    Building cyber response capability
    Technology building blocks for security
    Cyberwar and peace

Class/Session Description (by Onno Purbo)
   Main objectives: (1) hands-on experience  how hacker works, and 
                               (2) obtain a practical overview on how to secure servers from cyber attacks.
                                Teaching Cybersecurity

Class Description (by Chester Soong)

  Part I: Fundamentals
    - Internet topology and the underlying technology (just a 15 mins thing to set the stage and gets everyone to begin on the same page)
    - Network security (Internet) IPv4 and IPv6 
    - Data security (various kinds of encryption applications such as VPN, SSL, HTTPS, etc.)
    - Internet Application security (this section should mainly cover security topics from design to application development to application firewall (or intrusion prevention at 
      application layer)
  Part II: Hot topics
   - Cyber surveillance
   - Cyber Crime (only covers the common and latest cyber crime types without going into the investigation and detection in details as it should be covered 
     in the Cyber Crime module)
   - Incident Response (For this class, I believe the content should be more "internal" to the organisation with the aim for the audience to learn how to 
     handle an Internet Security incident when his/her organisation is under attack or suffered from an attack. For the issues of the bigger picture such as 
     incident response at the Internet infrastructure level, it should belong to the class covered by CERT people)

Lecture Pool: Susan Landau
Additional Candidate Lecturers: Yurie Ito, Koichiro Komiyama, Onno Purbo, Ronald Deibolt, Eneken Tikk

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