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5.3 Gender and the Internet

Class Description (by APC)
     Women's rights, gender and Internet governance
     Sexual rights and the Internet
     Ending violence against women online
     Feminist principles of the Internet

Class Description (by Chat Garcia Ramilo)

     "The class will focus on the main gender and women's rights concepts and issues that are critical to internet governance
     including but not limited to access, content, identify, sexuality, representation and citizenship.

    It will provide a background of international gender and womne's rights conventions and highlights key Internet and ICT
    policies and regulatiolnss and explore debates and challenges to national laws and corporate policy frameworks.

    The class will draw on experiences and perspectives on APC's Gender and APC's Internet governance eXchange 
    training workshop."

Class Description ( IT for Change/Anita Gurumurthy,..)

The gender digital divide has been the most popular concept  to analyse the nature of women's exclusions from the benefits of connectivity. The lecture will commence with a demonstration of how this heuristic may be outdated and no longer an appropriate entry point into this debate, using data from a ten country research study conducted by the WWW Foundation in 2015 with urban poor women in the global South. Further, using research done by different scholars in the region, the following questions will be examined in depth - what kinds of connectivity models can overcome gender barriers to meaningful use of the internet? what types of digital literacy models can strengthen women's digital capabilities? what are the features of a gender-responsive governance framework for the Internet? Laws  and development programmes for gender equality in the Asia-Pacific region will be examined with a view to discern what works and what does not, in terms of creating a supportive environment for women's empowering use of the Internet.

Lecture Pool:  
Additional Candidate Lecturers:, Anriette Esterhuysen, Anja Kovacs, Anita Gurumurthy, Chat Garcia Ramilo, Malavika Jayaram

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