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4.3 Names and Numbers (Organizations)

Class Outline
   4.3A Numbers Organizations

        NRO/APNIC on number resources (IP,...)
        Others (IEEE/MAC Address, ITU/Phone Number-Spectrum,...)
        Topical issues

  4.3B Names Organizations

      Global, regional and local domain name organizations (APTLD, ccTLDs, gTLDs,...)
      Topical issues

Class Description - 4.3A Numbers Organizations (by Li Xing)
    This class will cover the number aspect of the Internet with additional coverage of the names. 
    It will look at the issues about IPv4, IPv6, NAT44 and NAT64 among others.

Class Description - 4.3B Names Organizations (by Xiaodong Lee)
    1. What is the importance of Names and Numbers in Internet Architecture and Internet Governance
    2. Current Global and Regional Organizations for Internet Names and Numbers
    3. What is the influence of IANA transition and future steps
    4. What is the Governance model/factors for new phase of Internet development, e.g. BlockChain
    5. Open discussions and Open designs for future Internet Governance Model       

Candidate Lecturers: ICANN staffs,  NRO/RIR staffs, li xing, lee xiaodong, kuo-wei wu, kenny huang, Peter Dengate-Thrush, Chris Disspain,....

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