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4.1 Internet Governance Ecosystem

Class Outline:
   Relationship among Internet governance institutions (actors) as well as stakeholders.
   Introduction of institutions/actors.

Class Description (by Kilnam Chon)
   Internet Ecosystem - Historical Perspective
   The Internet ecosystem is described with its historical perspective starting its beginning in 1960s until 2000s.
   The current Internet ecosystem is described using diagrams of Internet Society and ICANN among others.
   Then, ecosystems beyond the Internet including  ecosystems of IoT, data, and cybersecurity are briefly described.

Class Description (by Rajnesh Singh)
   This class will provide an overview of the broad range of entities and organisations involved in the development and continuous evolution of the Internet. It will touch upon the fundamental principles of the open Internet and its architecture—interoperable, transparent, global and distributed—and the ways by which these characteristics have shaped the manner in which the Internet is governed: a participatory, decentralised, bottoms-up and multi-stakeholder approach that departs from traditional structures of governance. Likewise, it will discuss the dynamic roles of governments, businesses, technical sectors, civil society and intergovernmental organisations within this ecosystem. It will also provide an overview of the working methodologies of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).
The class is designed to be interactive and will seek to elicit participants’ insights on recent trends and developments, specifically in Asia-Pacific, that may pose a challenge to the decentralised and multi-stakeholder model of Internet governance, or conversely, enable it to flourish even more in the region.

Lecture PoolRajnesh Singh,
Additional Candidate Lecturers YJ Park, Paul Wilson, Kuo-Wei Wu, Kilnam Chon, Edmon Chung

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