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2.1 Legal Perspective

Class Outline:

   - Definition of "Internet Governance" among legal community (law schools,...)
   - Typical contents of the first lectures on "Internet governance and law" at law schools
   - Advises legal community gives to internet governance practitioners
   - May cover some of the following additionally;
        Domestic law vs International law
        Marco Civil
        "Internet Magna Carta"

Class Description (by KS Park)
    What is Internet? What legal issues arise from it?
    Two faces of the Internet affecting legal perspectives
    Freedom of speech
    End-to-end principle
    Network operators
    Intermediary liability
    Mapping the Internet
    Jurisdictional issues
   [Please refer KS Park's Legal Perspective Lecture (ppt) in References in this page for detail]

Class Description (ISOC Online)
    Introduction to legal aspects of IG
    Foundational concepts for internet laws
    Relevant legal areas

Class Description (by Nadia Khadam)


Defining internet governance and discussion regarding legal issues regarding  internet during governance of internet. Major topics will include

·       Access to internet as human right

·       Intellectual property issues VS access to knowledge

·       Social media threatening to human rights violations

·       Anonymity

·       Jurisdictional issues

·       Dispute Resolution

·       Harmonized laws

·       International Cooperation

·       Transnational internet based crimes

·       Enforcement mechanism

·       Forum for redressal

·       Freedom of Speech

·       Privacy

·       Intermediary Liabilities

·       Network operators

·       Internet service providers(ISPs/Net Cafes)

·       E-commerce related challenges

·       Critical Information Infrastructure and internet governance


       Recent Lectures

·     “Jurisdictional Issues in Cyberspace”, this is not exactly related to class but related to one topic. (PPT attached as Lecture 01) delivered at University.

·       Also gave Lecture on Cybercrime Legal Regime in Pakistan at PKSIG 2017.

Lecture Pool: KS Park
Additional Candidate Lecturers: Chimayi Arun, A.B. Munir, Mishi Choudary, Peter Dengate-Thrush, Nadia Khadam

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