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1.3 Regulatory Frameworks and Net Neutrality

Part A:  Regulatory Frameworks

Class Descriptoin (ISOC Online)
        Introduction to regulatory frameorks
       Telecommunications regulation
       Network management and net neutrality

Candidate Lecturers: Robert Pepper

    Internet Society, Regulatory Frameworks, in Shaping the Internet, 2010. [2015 Revision]

Part B: Net Neutrality

Class Outline:   
   Legal issues
   Technical issues
   International issues

Class Description (KS Park)

    1. Origins - "common carrier" doctrine
    2. Internet - why "common carrier"?  - structure of TCP/IP - "end-to-end" principle
    3. Examples of net neutrality violation - mVoIP throttling
    4. FCC and Net Neutrality Rules, and other salient countries 
    5. Zero rating, Sponsored Data - Is Financial Discrimination a net neutrality violation or an antitrust violation? 
    6. Net neutrality for wireless network - VoLTE

Class Description (Jeremy Malcolm)
  • Definition of net neutrality
  • History of net neutrality regulation globally
  • Controversies
    • Reasonable network management
    • Specialized services
    • Zero rating
  • Trends and projections
Class Description (Mahesh Uppal)
   The Net Neutrality Challenge
        1.   Introduction: Evolution of Net Neutrality Concern
                - Market power of network operators and threat to Net Neutrality
                - Perspective of Network Operator
        2.  International approaches to Net Neutrality
                - US, Europe, Latin America, Asia
        3.  Case Study: India
        4.  Major issues around the Net Neutrality
                - Open Internet, Access, Technology, Investment, Competition
        5.  Designing Net Neutrality regulation
                - Designing Net Neutrality Regulation
              - Reconciling regulatory objectives
                -  Managing incentives and risk
      6.   Conclusion: Preliminary Learning

Video: 2016 APSIG by Mahesh Uppal

Lecture Pool
Additional Lecturer CandidatesKS Park, Jeremy Malcolm
   5G, Slicing, 2017. [Electronics News - Korea, 2017.12.12]
   Richard Bennett, Net Neutrality Delusion, MIT Tech Review, 2017.5.31.
   Global Net Neutrality Forum
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