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1.2 Local Language Support

Class Outline 
        Domain name (IDN)
        Other names (email, SNS, messaging,...)

Class Description (by Kenny Huang)

    1.1 Title: Internationalized Domain Names Technologies and Policy Development

    1.2 Class overview

            This course focuses on IDN (internalized domain names) technological design and policy implications 
            for private and public, sub-national, national, and international actors and entities.

    1.3 Content

            IDN label generation rules for  root zone
            Email address internationalization (EAI)
            Universal acceptance
            Multiligual Internet improves sustainable development

Video: 2016 APSIG by Kenny Huang           

Lecture Pool:  Kenny Huang
Additional Candidate Lecturers: tan tin wee, dongman lee, yoshiro yoneya, satish babu,...

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