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1.1 Internet Governance - Introduction, History and Principles

Part A:  Internet Governance - Introduction

Class Outline
Human rights
Class Description (ISOC Online)
           Introduction to internet governance 
            Definitions of internet governance
            Classification of internet governance issues
            Methodology for analyzing internet issues 

Part B:  Internet Governance History
Class Outline
            1970s INWG/IP
            1980s IANA, IETF
            1990s IFWP/ICANN, RIR/NRI
            2000s WSIS/WGIG -  Tunis Agenda (Internet Governance) and IGF
            2010s (WCIT and) NETmundial Multistakeholder Statement, IANA Transition
Class Description (Kilnam Chon)
            Internet History with Asian Perspective; 1940s ~ 2010s
            Internet Governance History (Class Outline) with Multistakeholderism History; 1970s ~ 2010s
Class Description (ISOC Online)
        Introduction to Internet history
        Technological history of the internet
        Commercialization of the internet
        Evolution of internet resource management
        Role of internet technical community in internet governance
        internet history timeline

Video: 2015eurossig (Wolfgang Kleinwaechter, ppt)

Part C:  Internet Governance Principles

Class Outline 
             2000s              How was Tunis Agenda developed?
             2000s~2010s  How was Tunis Agenda evolved to NETmundial (Internet Governance) Principles
             2010s~            Future of the Internet governance principles

Class Description (by Adam Peake)
    (1) Identifying Internet Governance Principles 
      (2)  From Principles on Paper to Implementation 
     (3)  Q&A
      Remark:  Detailed class description can be found in References in this page.

Remark: There is substantial overlap between this class(1.1C) and 1.4 Internet Policy Principles, and this class could be covered in 1.4, too.

Lecture Pool
Additional Candidate lecturers Adam Peake, Wolfgang Kleinwaechter, Kilnam Chon, Satish Babu, Ang Peng Hwa, Xiaodong Lee,Kenny Huang

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