Program (Curriculum) with Tracks and Classes, Version 3.3
        We have been developing the APSIG Program since September 2015 as the two-year project in 2015~2017.
        We target APSIG courses to Internet governance experts and leaders.
        We have 15 Core Classes (indicated in bold characters), and 18 additional classes now. 
        Each class consists of 30-45 minutes lecture followed by 45-60 minutes discussion.  
        We also offer various sessions; hot topic, case study, lightning talk, and BoF among others.
        We would like to have two or more lecturers in the lecture pool of each class.

1. Internet Governance - General
    1.1 Internet Governance - Introduction, History and Principles
          1.1A Internet Governance - Introduction
          1.1B Internet Governance - History
          1.1C Internet Governance - Principles
          1.3A  Regulatory Framework
          1.3B  Net Neutrality
2. Internet Governance  - Perspectives (For advanced courses)
          2.2A Political Science Perspective
          2.2B Social Science Perspective
    2.3 Technology and Engineering Perspectives
          3.1A   Multistakeholder Model
          3.1B   Stakeholders; GovernmentsPrivate SectorCivil SocietyTechnical Community, Academic Community
          3.2A  Global Internet Users and Non-Users
            3.2B  Minority

4. Internet Governance - Institutions
    4.1 Internet Governance Ecosystem
    4.2 Standardization Organizations
    4.3 Names and Numbers Organizations

5. Human Rights (and Internet Governance)
    5.1 Human Rights - General
    5.2 Privacy

6. Cyber Security (and Internet Governance)

7. Internet Governance - Extended   
             7.5A Governance of Digital Commerce
           7.5B Blockchain Governance 
    7.6 AI
             7.6A AI - Introduction
           7.6B AI Governance

8. Additional (Candidate) Classes

A. Sessions: OpeningClosing, Case Study, Hot Topic, Lightning Talk, BoF, Workshop Proposal 

Proposal to Lecture and/or Proposal on a New Class
         - The Program is primarily designed for 3~6 day schools with advanced classes.  It may be necessary to modify tracks, and/or classes for 2-day schools.
         - There are three levels of courses; advanced, general, and introductory.  APSIG offers advanced courses, and national SIGs
 may offer general courses 
           for Internet governance practitioners and/or introductory courses. 
Memo on advanced course vs introductory course is provided for clarification.

APSIG Program Development Schedule in 2015-2019
2015.9~10     Initial APSIG Program development (this page)
   2015.11~12    Initial Review at APSIG and APrIGF on Core Classes
   2016.1~5        Additional Candidate Classes
   2016.5            Initial Surveys at APSIG; All Classes for 2016-2017, 2016 APSIG Classes
   2016.9.1         First Major Revision (based on 2016 APSIG school)
   2017.9.1         Complete APSIG Program development under APSIG Pilot Project in 2015-2017 to deliver APSIG Program Version 3.0.
   2019               Program Version 4