Presentation Materials

 Wolfgang Kleinwaechter, History of Internet Governance, Euro SSIG, 2015.(youtube)

 Remark: Friends of the IGF, IGF video archive.

Presentation Material
  Ang Peng Hwa, History of Internet Governance, APILP, 2015.
  Christine Arida, Internet Fragmentation, MEAC-SIG, 2016.
  Sadaf Baig (Sadaf Khan), Freedom of Expression and Opinion, APC, 2015.
  Fahd Batayneh, Introduction to Internet Governance, MEAC-SIG, 2015.
  Deborah Brown, Right to Privacy, APC, 2015.
  Kilnam Chon, The Other Billion, 2015.
  Kilnam Chon, Multistakeholderism - History, 2015.
  Sandra Hoferichter, Teaching Internet Governance - ISSIG, 2010.
  Wolfgang Kleinwaechter, Internet Governance History, MEAC-SIG, 2016.
  Nadin Moawad, Gender, Sex, and Internet, APC, 2015.
  Carly Nyst, The Right to Privacy, APC, 2015.
  David Souter, Mapping Internet Public Policy, APC 2010 (and AfriSIG 2015)
  David Souter, Internet Rights are Human Rights, AfriSIG, 2015.
  Filiz Yilmaz, Introduction to Multistakeholder Model, ICANN, Toronto, 2012.

Diplo Foundation, Introduction to Internet Governance, online course;  course modules are as follows;
  1. Introduction to Internet governance
  2. Infrastructure and standardisation basket
  3. Cybersecurity basket and network neutrality
  4. Legal basket
  5. Economic basket
  6. Development and sociocultural basket
  7. Human rights basket
  8. Internet governance actors and processes

Internet Society, Shaping the Internet - History and Future, online course with the following course modules;

  • 1. The History of the Internet
    2. Internet Invariants
    3. Introduction to Internet Governance
  • 4. Internet Actors and Stakeholders Groups
  • 5. Internet Policy Principles
  • 6. Internet Infrastructure, Standards, Protocols and Systems
  • 7. Regulatory Frameworks
  • 8. Internet Governance for Development (IG4D)
  • 9. Multilingualism and Internationalization
  • 10. Legal Aspects of the Internet
  • 11. Cybersecurity and Resilience
    Remark: The following modules in 2010 have been dropped from the 2015 modules;
                            Diplomacy of the Internet, 
                            Intellectual Property, 
                            Copy Rights, and
                            Emerging Issues on Security and Privacy.

    Remark2: A similar online course with the following five modules was offered in 2015-11-30~2016-1-10, e-Learning: Shaping the Internet
                            1. Introduction to Internet Governance
                            2. Internet Actors and Stakeholder Groupings
                            3. Internet Policy Principles
                            4. Regulatory Frameworks
                            5. Internet Governance for development (IG4D)

    Remark 3: Why the multistakeholder approach works? [including ppt], 2016 by Internet Society.