Letters of Intent

Dear all

The 2018 APSIG/Amazon Fellowship Subcommittee, tasked with identifying suitable candidates for supporting for the 2018 IGF, is starting off the formal process of calling for applications today. The subcommittee will be selecting 3 or more candidates for Amazon Fellows from the applicants after a due process, and will send the list to Amazon. Then, we will be further selecting several candidates for APSIG Fellows.

The first step in the process is a Letter of Intent from applicants.  Applicants are requested to submit a statement of intent by email to
apsig-sec@googlegroups.com before 2018.4.30,  with the following particulars:

* Name & brief description of applicant (including organization, location & country)

* Past IGF participation (including any workshops organized)
* Planned participation in IGF 2017 with particulars of workshops planned, speaker slots etc
* Intent and Motivation for IGF Participation, and future plans

Further steps will be intimated to applicants short-listed after scrutiny of the letters of intent. The applicants are strongly encouraged to submit 2018 IGF workshop proposals or a paper for 2018 GigaNet optionally.