Meetings - draft

1. brief update meeting (every mon/wed/friady in 2016-08-22 ~ 09-02; everyday in 09-05-09-09)
      - participant: jungbae, mubashir, sweet, (with others optionally)
      - agenda: checking preparation status and AOB
      - at 14:00-14:30 (UTC+9; seoul time)
      - via Zoom

2. daily administrative meetings in 09-11 ~ 09-15
      - participant: jungbae, mubashir, sweet, (with others optionally)
         07:30-08:00 at AITCC cafeteria over breakfast
         after dinner at AITCC lobby

3. open management meeting at 09-15 
    - 7:30-9:00 with breakfast
    - person in charge: jungbae
4. role play coordination meeting
    - 16:30-17:30 on 09-11 sunday at AIT lobby, AITCC. (alternatively at 2nd floor lounge)
    - monday, tuesday afternoon (time/location: TBD)
    - person in charge: satish

5. floor management
    preson in charge: mubashir 
    a memo to be shared.
      - starting
      - time clocking (with chon's 8" ipad or others) - amrita may assist
      - ppt display - amrita may assist
      - video/audio
      - class evaluation (expect to do at the end of every class)

we may ask amrita to assist the floor management such as time clocking and/or ppt display.

will you draft a memo on this matter to be agreed among us?

5. issue list