Meals - draft

person in charge: sweet, (jungbae)
         A la Carte breakfast at AITCC hotel restaurant from 12 to 15 September.

        Private Buffet at AITCC hotel restaurant (Lobby Lounge) on 12 and 14 September.
        Regular Buffet at AITCC hotel restaurant (Lobby Lounge) on 13 September
        Remark. Each buffet will have different set of menu including vegetarian food and halal food.

        09-11 18:00-20:00    Buffet at AITCC hotel restaurant (lobby lounge) with APSIG 2016 Opening session
        09-12 19:00-21:00    Swan Lake Cuisine at 18:50 for 35 persons (K.Dang Tel.02-576-8190)
        09-14 19:00-21:00    Baan Nhuer Nham at 18:50 for 35 persons 
        Remark. Vans will pick  up in front of AITCC at 18:50 on 09-12 and 09-14