Payment procedure


this memo outlines the procedure of payment to pay for APSIG 2016 participants.

0. person in charge: jungbae an

1. procedure by item

    1.1 airfare (APSIG to pay full fellowship awardees)

          a) awardees must submit a copy of e-ticket (with price on) or 
            receipt of air ticket to APSIG management.

          b) APSIG management reimburse the airfare to awardees
              with account transfer or cash no later than 2016-09-15.

       remark 1. awardees should book his/her air-ticket under 
       remark 2. coordination with APSIG management.
       remark 3. the reimbursement may be done in USD and/or THB.
       remark 4. all the receipts were submitted.

    1.2 guestroom (APSIG to pay full and partial fellowship awardees)

          a) awardees must book a room in advance at AITCC hotel 
              if s/he wants his/her guestroom charge to be covered by 
              APSIG fellowship.

          b) APSIG automatically pays up to 4 nights in 11-15 sep 
              at main wing for awardees.

          c) awardees must pay himself/herself if there is any extra
              charges due to schedule and room change.

2. all items and amount to be paid

    2.1 airfare
            - recipient: full fellowship awardees and resource persons
            - total amount:         USD 9,396.69
            - APSIG already paid:   USD 3,709.53
            - APSIG to pay:         USD 5,687.16

            remark. resource persons are satish babu and jungbae an

    2.2 guestroom
            - recipient: full and partial support awardees
            - total amount:                      USD 5,012
            - APSIG to pay hotel:           USD 3,256
            - participants to pay hotel:    USD 1,756

     remark. refer participant list - payment (draft) in detail.

3. schedule of payment
       08-27          submission of airfare receipt/e-ticket (done)
         ~ 08-31      airfare (account transfer)
       09-05~07       cashing USD 7000 (with various notes for airfare payment and emergency fund in bangkok)
       09-11          exchange USD 300 to THB
       09-10~15       airfare (cash)
       09-15          guestroom (to AITCC hotel by card)
                      breakfast (to AITCC hotel by card)
                      AIT settlement (to AIT by cash)

4. issue list
    4.1 cash preparation and alternatives
        - how much do we need in USD and THB? how much by each note?
        - where can we withdraw cash? with which cards?
        - any other ways?