0. APSIG Documents
         APSIG Overview 
             2017 APSIG - Plan,   2017 APSIG - Annual Report
             2019 APSIG - Plan
               APSIG Operations Manual - Draft

             Brochures: APSIG, All SIG GroupBannerinSIG, npSIG, lkSIG, pkSIG, afSIG, bdSIG

1. Background
            There are week-long national and regional schools on Internet governance in Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, and Americas in addition to other courses.

      Regional SIGs
             AfriSIG                       African School on Internet Governance
             APSIG                        Asia Pacific School on Internet Governance
             APIGA                        Asia Pacific Internet Governance Academy
             Euro SSIG                  Euro Summer School on Internet Governance
             MEAC-SIG                 Middle East and Adjoining Countries School on Internet Governance
             Cyber SIG                  Cyber South School on Internet Governance; [2011], [2016],  [2017]  [2018]
             IntGovCaribbean (fb) Internet Governance Caribbean   
             WASIG                       West African School on Internet Governance
      National SIGs
             Afghanistan           Afghanistan School on Internet Governance (afSIG) 
             Bangladesh           Bangladesh SIG (bdSIG)         
             China                    cnSIG-Asia Pacific Internet Leadership Program (cnSIG-APILP)
             India                      India School on Internet Governance (inSIG)             
             Nepal                    Nepal SIG  (npSIG)
             Pakistan                Pakistan School of Internet Governance (pkSIG); [2016; Plan Report]   [2018]
             Sri Lanka              Sri Lanka School on Internet Governance (lkSIG), Sri Lanka IGF   
             Philippines            Philippine Internet Governance Colloquium/DICT Internet Governance Training
             Armenia                Internet Governance Armenia School (ArmSIG)
             Brazil                    Brazilian Internet Governance School (

            National IGF          Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand
            APC                       Association of Progressive Communications (ittrainonline, APC Impact,...)
            Citizen Lab            Summer Institute, University of Toronto.
            IGF DC-SIG          Dynamic Coalition - Schools on Internet Governance, IGF
            Diplo Foundation   Introduction to Internet Governance, online course.
            Eliademy               Internet Governance Series, online course
            IG Academy          Online course
            IntGovForum         Regional and National IGF Initiatives of IGF
            Internet Society     Inforum Course: Shaping the Internet: History and Futures, online course.
            Public Knowledge Open Internet Course (13 weeks course in Spanish)
            Philippines            DICT Internet Governance Training, 2018.7.11-13.

            Arabic SSIG          Egypt, 2009.

2. Objective 
      There are around 2 billion Internet users in Asia Pacific out of 4 billion globally today.  There are around 5,000 ~ 10,000 Internet governance practitioners 
      in Asia Pacific who participate to global, regional and national IGFs/SIGs and related organizations.  There are 500 ~ 1,000 Internet governance 
      leaders and experts including organizers and speakers in these IGFs/SIGs and related organizations. These leaders and experts are working on some of the
      following areas;
        - Organizations on Internet governance
        - Publications and presentations
        - Projects on Internet governance
      Asia Pacific School on Internet Governance (APSIG) intends to serve these 500~1,000 Internet governance leaders and experts in Asia through professional 
      courses on the Internet governance and other programs. We expect  local and other SIGs and IGFs to serve the 5,00 ~10,000 Internet governance practitioners 
      through their courses. 

3.  Scope
       - Develop open courseware on the Internet governance
       - Archive video recording of lectures, presentation materials and other documents for public access
       - Offer professional courses on the Internet governance,
       - Collaborate with the relevant organizations including other regional and local schools on Internet governance
       - Offer fellowships for IGF participation as well as national SIGs

4.  Organization 

        APSIG-Discuss Group 
                  Consensus development group with mailing list, monthly remote meeting, and occasional face-to-face meetings.

        All SIG Group
               Satish Babu - Chair (2018.09-01 ~ 2019-08-31)
                 Cooperation of all SIGs and related organizations including an annual meeting: [website],  [charter]
                 Members: Refer All SIG - APSIG.asia for the current members
        Finance Committee (2018-09-01 ~ 2019-08-31)
                 Members: Kilnam Chon - Chair, KS Park(Open Net Director; Auditor), Satish Babu (All SIG Group Chair: Liaison)
                Amazon/APSIG Fellowship Subcommittee (2018-01-31 ~ 2019-01-31)
                                Members: KS Park - 2018 Chair, Satish Babu - 2017 Chair, Kilnam Chon, Mohit Saraswat, Shita Laksmi
               (Annual APSIG Participant) Recommendation Subcommittee (2018-01-31 ~ 2019-01-31)
                          Members: KS Park, Satish Babu, Ihtisham Khalid, Dr. Govind, Kilnam Chon
        Program Committee (2018-09-01 ~ 2019-08-31)
                Members: Kilnam Chon - Chair, Satish Babu (All SIG Group Liaison), KS Park, Eneken Tikk
                Guest Members: Shreedeep Rayamajhi (2018.9.1-2019.8.31), Mubashir Sargata (2017.9.1-2018.8.31)
              Program Advisory Group (2018-09-01 ~ 2019-08-31)
                           Members: Susan Landau, Rajnesh Singh, Kenji Saito, Sunyoung Yang, Xing Li, Danit Gal
              BoF: SmartSpeaker
              BoF: Youth
             (BoF: Gender - Pending)
             (BoF: National Internet Governance Articles - Pending)

       Secretariat [Charter]
                Secretariat Staffs:   Glaziel Kae Tagamolila- Administration (2017-10 ~)                                               
                                                Nisarat Tansakul - Audio-Video (2018-07~)                              
                Consultant:              Miseon Chu - Accounting (2016-08~)   
                Past Staffs:              Mubashir Sargata (2016-10 ~ 2017-08)
                                                An, Jungbae (2017-09 ~ 2018-08) 
                                                Sweet Mae Monteclaro  (2017-10 ~ 2018-09) 

5.  APSIG Logo and Name Cards
            APSIG Logo (Large),  APSIG Logo (Small)
            Name Card for Alumni, Name Card for APSIG/Amazon Fellows

6. APSIG Fellowships
          Annual APSIG Meeting (2016~ )
          IGF (APSIG/Amazon Fellowships; 2017~ )
          National SIG Participation (2016 inSIG, 2016 pkSIG, 2019 bdSIG)

7. Mailing Lists

7.1 Active Mailing Lists
    (Progrm) Advisory Group            APSIG-advisorygroup at googlegroups.com
    Artificial Intelligence                     APSIG-ai at googlegroups.com
    All SIG Group                              APSIG-allsig at googlegroups.com   
    National SIG Contact                  APSIG-sigcontact at googlegroups.com               
    Announce                                    APSIG-announce at googlegroups.com           (moderated)
    Amazon/APSIG Fellowship         APSIG-amazon at googlegroups.com   
    Discuss                                       APSIG-discuss at googlegroups.com                [Discuss Group member list]    
    Finance Committee                    APSIG-finance at googlegrooups.com   
    Info                                             APSIG-info at googlegroups.com    
    Program Committee                   APSIG-program at googlegroups.com
    Secretariat                                 APSIG-sec at googlegroups.com
    SIG Contacts                             APSIG-sigcontact at googlegroups.com
    Smart Speaker                          APSIG-smartspeaker at googlegroups.com
    Ad Hoc Committee                    ad-hoc-committee-on-session-analysis at googlegroups.com

    2019 All Participants                 APSIG-2019AllParticipants at googlegroups.com
    2019 Lecturers                          APSIG-2019Lecturers at googlegroups.com
    2019 Applicants                        APSIG-2019Applicants at googlegroups.com
    2019 General Participants        APSIG-2019GeneralParticipants at googlegroups.com

7.2 Inactive Mailing Lists
    2018 All Participants                APSIG-2018AllParticipants at googlegroups.com
    2018 Applicant Accepted         APSIG-2018ApplicantAccepted at googlegroups.com
    2018 Lecturers                         APSIG-2018Lecturers at googlegroups.com
    2018 Organizers                      APSIG-2018Organizers at googlegroups.com
    2018 All Applicants                  APSIG-2018AllApplicants at googlegroups.com
    2018 Remote Participants       APSIG-2018RemoteParticipants at googlegroups.com
    2018 SIG Delegates                APSIG-2018SIGdelegates at googlegroups.com
    2018 General Participants       APSIG-2018GeneralParticipants at googlegroups.com

    2017 Lecturers                          APSIG-2017lecturers at googlegroups.com
    2017 General Participants        APSIG-2017generalparticipants at googlegroups.com
    2017 Remote Participants        APSIG-2017remoteparticipants at googlegroups.com
    2017 All Participants                 APSIG-2017allparticipants at googlegroups.com
    2017 Applicants                         APSIG-2017applicants at googlegroups.com

    2016 lecturers                            APSIG-2016lecturer at googlegroups.com
    2016 role play group                  APSIG-roleplay at googlegroups.com
    2016 panelist                             APSIG-panelist at googlegroups.com
    2016 speaker                             APSIG-speaker at googlegroups.com          
    2016 participants                        APSIG-2016AllParticipants at googlegroups.com  
    2016 local organization               APSIG-local at googlegroups.com
    2016 facilitator group                  APSIG-facilitator at googlegroups.com

    AV&Net Group                            APSIG-avnet at googlegroups.com
    Best Alumni                              APSIG-BestAlumni at googlegroups.com
    China                                         APSIG-china at googlegroups.com
    South Asia                                APSIG-southasia at googlegroups.com
    eCourses                                  APSIG-ecourses at googlegroups.com
    IGF Workshop Discussion        APSIG-workshop at googlegroups.com
    inSIG                                         APSIG-insig at googlegroups.com  
    Law and Regulation                 APSIG-law-and-regulation at googlegroups.com

   Remark:  2017 (APSIG Participant) Recommendation Subcommittee, [final report]

8. Liaison
     ICANN                Satish Babu
     Internet Society  Waqas Hassan, Santosh Sigdel 
     IGF                     Satish Babu
     APrIGF               Maheeshwara Kirindigoda 
    APNIC                 Dr.Govind
    AP*                      Kae
    RightsCon           KS Park
    AI Conferences   Kilnam Chon