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Working Documents

Working Documents
G. Numbers of Participant Plan - 40+2: Full Support/9 (+3 Lecturers), Partial Support/10 (+1), Reg Fee Support/6 (+1), No Support/10, Secretariat/2
K. Application Form for General Participants  [Google Form[MS Word]
L. Fellowship Application Forms - [Google Form] [MS Word]
M. Remote Meeting Resource Persons:  Martin/Zoom, Iqbar/moderator

Issue List
1. Dinner sponsor: ChinaLabs/$1000(apsig dinner), ?(all sig dinner)
2. Optional excursion; 4-9pm
3. Meeting/Update Sessions: Conference updates, National SIG recordings
4. Active participation of newcomers without presentation appointments through BoFs and Lunch with Lecturers.
    Remark: Case Study Sessions plan to cover many national SIG delegates.
5. 10~15 core members: participate every year? --> need appropriate program.
6. Secretariat support: 2019.3 ~ 7 (pat time for 5 months)
7. (Past, Intended) Applicants: jenny wakfen, polo hzzhang@bii
8. SIG Delegates: All SIG Chair(satish), afSIG(shams, abdul aziz), bdSIG(mohamad, nazmul), cnSIG(fanjunwei), lkSIG(maheeswara, sagarika),
                             inSIG(anupam, dr.govind), npSIG(rom, santosh), pkSIG(waqas hassan or muhammad shabbir, ahmed)  
                             Remark: some may drop due to lack of travel fund.   
9. Participant Supports: full support (lecturers, organizers, others) 10, partial support 10, registration fee support 10, no support 10  
10. Repeaters are expected to be >50% of the total participants (<40 + 2 secretariat staffs)