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Smart Speaker

Explore Conversational AI with smart speakers such as Google Home, Amazon Echo (Alexa), Microsoft Cortana, Apple Siri, Facebook (Portal with Alexa), and Samsung Bixby as one of the major emerging AI applications; digital assistants. We are particularly interested in this technology as (next generation) Multilingual Internet with many national languages in Asia.

Global market share in 2018: Google/32% , Amazon/25% , Alibaba/18% ,  Xiaomi/12% .[according to Canalys Newsroom- Global smart speaker shipments grew 187% year on year in Q2 2018]

Google plans to support Hindi, Indonesian, Korean, Thai, Brazilian Portuguese (in addition to 6 languages now; English, French, Germany, Spanish, Italian and Japanese).
Samsung and Amazon (and Microsoft?) followed with around 4~6 languages.
Several companies in Korea in addition to Samsung have the smart speakers; LG(with Google), Kakao, Naver, and KT.
Companies including LINE in Japan have "AI Speakers", too.

We may start as BoF: Smart Speaker, and may hold the BoF session during 2019 APSIG.

Mailing List: APSIG-SmartSpeaker@googlegroups  
Members: zolzoya, gj, yangyang, kilnam, shabbir, kashif adeel, shreedeep

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