2019 APSIG

Date: Before or After APNIC (2019.9.5-12) or in Early July

Request for Proposal to Host 2019 APSIG

Candidate Classes/Lecturers
          1.1    Internet Governance - Introduction, History, Principles
                   Xiaodong Lee or ?
          2.1    Legal Perspective 
                   KS Park
          3.2    Internet Users and Non-users
          4.3   Names and Numbers
                  Xiaodong Lee
          5.1    Human Rights
          5.2    Privacy
                   KS Park
          7.4    Cybersecurity Governance
                   Koichiro Komiyama(FIRST, APSCERT, JPCERT, AfriCERT)
          8.4    Social Media Governance
Candidate BoFs
         2018 IGF Review
          2019 IGF Workshop Proposal Review

Candidate Case Study Sessions               
          Case Study Session: Internet Shutdown; India, Pakistan, [2017IGF/WS117africa] [2017IGF/WS178americas] [Freedom on the Net] [Quarts]
          Case Study Session: Multistakeholderism and its practice in Asia Pacific (by Shreedeep Rayamajhi)
          Case Study Session: Hot topics (hate speech, fake news,...)
          Case Study Session: AI and Developing Countries: Web Foundation report, country cases, topic cases,...           
          Case Study Session: (Child) Online Safety; [nepal; blog, guidebook] (by Shreedeep Rayamajhi)
          Case Study Session: Personal ID: India, Japan, South Korea, USA, EU,... [WEF: Digital Identity] [Proposal - Digital Identity]
          Case Study Session: Internet for LCDs (Internet for All); Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal,... [WEF], [UN-OHRLLS]     
            Case Study Session: SIG curriculum analysis; Brazil SIG, EuroSSIG,...        
          Case Study Session: Internet Addiction
            Case Study Session: "Gender and Natiolnal SIGs/IGFs"