2019 APSIG

Dates: 2019-07-08~10  
Location: Asia Institute of Technology (AIT),  Pathum Thani (near Bangkok), Thailand 
Local Organizer: intERlab, AIT

Late Application for General Participants [Google Form]: Late Application Period: 2019.3.1-31
        Remark: If you cannot access the Google Form, please use [MS Word], and send it to APSIG-Sec@GoolgeGroups.com.
Registration Fee: $300 (Early Registration: $200 until 2019-05-31)

2019 APSIG Program, Verson 0.2 - Draft
         2019-07-07  Sunday
                                  8:00~20:00   Registration
                                15:00~17:00   BoF (Bylaws: tentative)
                                18:00~20:00   Welcome Dinner with Ice Breaking Session
            2019-07-08  Monday
                                 09:00~17:30 AI Governance Workshop
                                                       7.6A AI - Introduction
                                                                            Kilnam Chon  [AI-ppt], [AI-article]; [AI Governance-ppt] [AI Governance-article]
                                                                                                   [AI for Everybody - strongly recommneded]
                                                       7.6B AI Governance - Accountability
                                                                            Woodrow Hartzog [2018 Presentation Material], [2017 AAAI/AES Article]
                                                       Case Study Session on AI      
                                                                    Alibaba/Fan Junwei, np/Shreedeep [pptword]bd, in/Dr.Govind, lk/Mahee,..... 
                                                       Open Discussion Session on AI

                                 19:30~21:00  BoF (pending)
            2019-07-09 Tuesday
                                 08:30~10:00  5.2 Privacy
                                                                 Woodrow Hartzog [Privacy's blueprint]                           
                                 10:30~12:00  8.4 Social Media Governance
                                                                 KS Park, [Class Description]
                                 13:30~15:00  4.3 Names and Number
                                                                         Lee Xiaodong, [Class Description]  
                                 15:00~16:00  Case Study Session: Social Media and Asia 
                                                                 lk/Maheeshwara Kirindigotabd, in, np,....
                                (16:00~21:00  Excursion - option)
                                 16:30~17:30  BoF: (pending)                                 
                                 19:30~21:00  BoF: (pending)
            2019-07010 Wednesday                         
                                 09:00~10:30   1.1 Internet Governance - History (and Multistakeholderism)
                                                                Kilnam Chon  [Internet Governance History], [Multistakeholderism History]; [Internet History]
                                 11:00~12:30   7.4 Cybersecurity Governance
                                                                 Koichiro Komiyama [Class Description]              
                                 13:30~16:00   Closing Session with Open Discussion 
                                 16:30~20:30   All SIG Meeting (with All SIG Dinner)
2019 APSIG Preparation - Schedule 
        2018-08-01               2019 APSIG Strawman Proposal
        2018-09-01~12-31    2019 APSIG Class - Call for Class Proposal and New Class Proposals (Phase I)
        2018-12-01~31         Advance registration of national SIG/IGF delegates
        2019-01-01               2019 APSIG - Plan 
        2019-01-01               2019 APSIG - Program, Version 0
        2019-01-01~02-28    Call for Participation of 2019 APSIG; 
Application Form for General Participants
        2019-01-01~04-30    Call for Proposals: Case Study Sessions, BoF Sessions
        2019-03-01~03-31    Late Application for 2019 APSIG Participation 
        2019-04-01               2019 APSIG - Program, Version 1
        2019-04-01~30         Announcement of  2019  APSIG Participants and Fellowships

        2019-04-01~06-30    Amazon/APSIG Fellowship Application for 2019 IGF Participation - Letter of Intent (tentative)
        2019-06-08               Presentation Materials (Final Version) are due

        2019-07-07~10         2019 APSIG (7th on Day 0 Events, 8th on AI Governance Workshop, 9-10th on SIG and All SIG Meeting)    
Candidate Case Study Sessions (Monday Afternoon, Tuesday Afternoon)               
          Case Study Session or BoF: Digital accessibility (waqas,...) and/or AI and Disability (gunela)
          Case Study Session: e-Commerce by Fan Junwei (Alibaba)
          Case Study Session: OTT by Facebook

          Case Study Session: Internet Shutdown; India, Pakistan, [2017IGF/WS117africa] [2017IGF/WS178americas] [Freedom on the Net] [Quarts]
          Case Study Session: Multistakeholderism and its practice in Asia Pacific                 
          Case Study Session: AI: Training/AI Saturdays (around the world)
          Case Study Session: AI Initiative/AI for Development in Nepal      
          Case Study Session: (Child) Online Safety; [nepal; blog, guidebook
          Case Study Session: Personal ID: India, Japan, South Korea, USA, EU,... [WEF: Digital Identity] [Proposal - Digital Identity]
          Case Study Session: Internet for LCDs/Internet for All; [WEF], [UN-OHRLLS]     
            Case Study Session: SIG Curriculum Analysis; Brazil SIG, EuroSSIG,...        
          Case Study Session: Digital (Internet/Smartphone) Addiction
            Case Study Session: Gender and Natiolnal SIGs/IGFs
          Case Study Session: Social Media Abuse: hate speech, fake news [ppt]  [description]  [paper]
          Case Study Session: Multistakeholderism practice on domestic issues 
          Case Study Session: GDPR and National SIGs/IGFs
          Case Study Session: Blockchain Applications in Asia
          Case Study Session: Blockchain Hands-on Experience (Tutorial)
          Case Study Session: Machine Learning/Neural Network Tutorial          
          Case Study Session: Smart City
          Case Study Session: National Digital/Cyber Strategy and Policies
            Case Study Session: Privacy: Woodrow, KS,.....
          Case Study Session: (Major) Civil Societies: EFF, APC, Access Now,... (Human/Digital Rights EcoSystem)
          Case Study Session: Realistic View of AI
Candidate BoF Sessions (Sunday Afternoon, Monday Evening, Tuesday Evening)     
          Bylaws (APSIG, All SIG Group)
          Smart Speaker
            2019 IGF Workshop Proposal Review
          National Internet Governance Article Review; in/amrita, bd/nazmul, lk/mahee, af/mohibullah, pk/(waqas), np/?
          National SIG Curriculum Review

Other Sessions
          Welcome Dinner with "Ice Breaking Session": 2019.7.7 Sunday 18:00 - 21:00 (Shreedeep)
          Orientation Session: 2019.7.8 Monday 8:30-9:00 (Dr.Govind - tentative)
          National SIG Recording: 2019.7.10 Wednesday (Lunch Time)
          Closing Session (with Open Discussion): 2019.7.10 Wednesday 13:30 - 16:00 (5th Year Review; 2015~2019 - ppt, Next 4 Years; 2020-2024)
All SIG Group:
        All SIG Meeting:  2019.7.10 Wednesday 16:30 - 18:30
         All SIG Dinner:    2019.7.10 Wednesday 19:00 - 21:00

Administrative Documents:
         Airfare to Bangkok

Financial Supports for 2019 APSIG:

    No Support:  Participants need to pay registration fees, guest rooms and airfares.
    Registration Fee Support: APSIG pays the registration fee, and participants pay for guest rooms and airfares.
    Partial Support (= Registration Fee Support + Guest Rooms): APSIG pays the registration fees and the guest room at AIT Conference Center (Double Room sharing with another participant)
    Full Support (= Partial Support + Airfare): APSIG pays the registration fees, guest rooms (Double room at Main Wing sharing with another partipant), and airfares according to our standard fares.

    Remark: For participants with no support or registration fee support, we strongly recommend you to stay at AIT Conference Center (Main Wing, New Wing, or Annex; single or double).
                  Please contact apsig-sec@ for the guest room arrangement.
    Remark 2: All need to pay for the transportation from airports to  Asia Institute of Technology (AIT); either $7 or $20.  Please check Local Information for detail of 2019 APSIG.
    Remark 3: We provide most meals.  All participants have to pay for dinner on Monday and Tuesday.