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Working Documents

Issue List

1. AIT Conference Center Accommodation - Done

   Check in 7/8 July 2018 Sunday, and Check out 13/14 July 2018 
        35 Rooms at Main Wing, Confirmation booking no.13662 --> may reduce to around 25
        10 Rooms at New Wing, Confirmation booking no..13663 --> may reduce to around   5

2. Meeting room - Done
    Confirmed- Meeting Room B108, 2018-07-09~12

3. Survey 
     Class Evaluation/Best Lecture Award
    Best Alumni Award
    Class List for 2019 APSIG

Working Documents

B. Application Form for General Participants  [Google Form[MS Word]
C. Fellowship Application Forms - [Google Form] [MS Word]
G. Registration Form for General Participant [Google Form] [MS Word]
H. Registration Form for General Participant -  Reg Fee Exemption [Google Form]
I.   Registration Form for Lecturer [Google Form] [MS Word]
J.  Registration Form for Coordinators and SIG Delegates [Google Form] [MS Word]
        N.1 Top 100 Ranking with Evaluations of Part 1/Secretariat and Part 2/Recommendation Sub Committee
        N.2 Full Support Fellows
        N.3 Partial Support Fellows
        N.4 Registration Fee Exempted Fellows

2. Request for Proposal on Hosting 2018 APSIG: Issued on 2016-10-04   
     AIT in Bangkok as the home venue (default option) of APSIG
     Pakistan (mubashir sargata/pkSIG) submitted a letter of intent in September 2016.
     Philippines (banjz sevilla at icto.dost) submitted a letter of intent in October 2016.
     Japan (jim foster/apru-apide) submitted a letter of intent in October 2016.