2018 APSIG

Date:  2018-07-08 (Sunday, late afternoon) ~ 07-12 (Thursday, late afternoon)
Place: AITCC (Meeting Room B108), AIT, Bangkok
Local Organizer: intERLab, AIT

Call for Participation of 2018 APSIG 

    Application Form [Google Form] [MS Word]- Available from 2018.1.3 until 2018.2.28
    Fellowship Form  [Google Form] [MS Word]- Available from 2018.1.3 until 2018.2.28
    Registration Fee:  $300 (Late Registration/$400 from 2018.5.1)

2018 APSIG Program, Version 0.5
    Classes (90 minutes each)       
         2.2    Social Perspective                                                  Sunyoung Yang              [lecture outline]
           4.3    Names and Numbers Organizations                        Li, Xing                        [ppt]      
         6.1    Cyber Security - General                                       Eneken Takk                   [classs description]                               
           6.2    Cyber Crime                                                             Nadia Khadam               [class descriptionpresentation outline]
        7.1    Digital Governance (Cyberspace Governance)   Kilnam Chon             [ppt]
         7.4    Cybersecurity Governance                                       Eneken Takk                  [class description]
           7.5B  Blockchain Governance                                                   Kenji Saito                     [Related ppt]         
           7.6B  AI Governance                                                         Danit Gal                       [class description]

     BoFs (60-90 minutes each)
         2018  IGF (and APrIGF) Workshop Proposal Presentation BoF (Chaired by 2017 APSIG/Amazon Fellowship Committee Chair; 60-90 minutes)
         2017  IGF Workshop Review BoF (Chaired by 2018 APSIG/Amazon Fellowship Committee Chair; 60-90 minutes)

   Case Study Sessions (30-60 minutes each)
         Case Study Session: Teaching Cybersecurity (by Onno W. PurboBeginner's guide to hacking and practical net security; 45-60 minutes)
         Case Study Session: National SIGs; inSIG, pkSIG (pending), lkIGF/SIG Track npSIG (60 minutes) (to be chaired by lkIGF/SIG)
         Case Study Session: AI: (by Jake Lucchi/Google; 30 minutes)
         Case Study Session: Law and Regulation; Nepal, South Korea, Indonesia  [Digital Rights] (60 minutes) (Organizer: Babu Ram Aryal)
         Case Study Session: Youth and National SIGs/IGFs (60 minutes) (by Shreedeep Rayamajhi)
         Case Study Session: Multistakeholderism practice on domestic issues (30-60 minutes)
    Candidate Case Study Sessions               
          Case Study Session: Internet Shutdown; India, Pakistan, [2017IGF/WS117africa] [2017IGF/WS178americas] [Freedom on the Net] [Quarts]
          Case Study Session: Multistakeholderism and its practice in Asia Pacific (by Shreedeep Rayamajhi)
          Case Study Session: Disability[by Gunela Astbrink for 2017 APSIG]  
          Case Study Session: Hot topics (hate speech, fake news,...)
          Case Study Session: AI Principles: Asilomar AI Principles, IEEE Global Initiative on Ethical Consideration on AI, Alpha Zero,...
          Case Study Session: AI and Developing Countries: Web Foundation report, country cases, topic cases,...
          Case Study Session: Blockchain: national/regional deployment Africa, 2017 IGF/WS134: Fake news & Blockchain, IBM,.....               
          Case Study Session: (Child) Online Safety; [nepal; blog, guidebook] (by Shreedeep Rayamajhi)
          Case Study Session: Personal ID: India, Japan, South Korea, USA, EU,... [WEF: Digital Identity] [Proposal - Digital Identity]
          Case Study Session: Internet for LCDs (Internet for All); Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal,... [WEF], [UN-OHRLLS]     
            Case Study Session: SIG curriculum analysis; Brazil SIG, EuroSSIG,...        
          Case Study Session: Internet Addiction
            Case Study Session: "Gender and Natiolnal SIGs/IGFs"


         2018.7.12 Thursday  15:00 ~ 18:00     

2018 APSIG Preparation - Schedule 

    2017-09-01               2018 APSIG Class - Request for Lecture and New Class Proposals
    2018-01-01               2018 APSIG - Plan
    2018-01-01               2018 APSIG - Program, Version 0
    2018-01-01               APSIG Operation Manual, Version 1.0
    2018-01-01~02-28   Call for Participation of 2018 APSIG; 
Application Form for General Participants (available from 2018-01-01)

    2018-01-01~02-28   2018 APSIG Fellowship Application
    2018-01-01~02-28   Call for Proposals: Class, Session
    2018-01-01~04-30   Call for BoF Proposals

    2018-03-01~03-31    Late Application for 2018 APSIG Participation (without Financial Support)
    2018-04-01               2018 APSIG - Program, Version 1
    2018-04-01~30         Announcement of  2018  APSIG Participants and Fellowship

    2018-04-01~30         APSIG/Amazon Fellowship Application for 2018 IGF Participation
    2018-06-09               All Presentation Materials are due

    2018-07-08~12         2018 APSIG

Daily Schedule of 2018 APSIG Week - Draft

    2018.7.08 Sunday               BoF (afternoon/evening: participant's short presentations), Opening Dinner
             7.09                            4 Classes and Evening BoF(2017 IGF Participation)
             7.10                            2 Classes and a Case Study Session in the morning, and Afternoon Excursion (Ayutthaya) & Dinner
             7.11                            4 Classes/Sessions, and Evening BoF (2018 IGF Proposals)
             7.12                            1 Class, 2 Sessions, and All SIG Meeting (15:00 - 18:00)


      General Participants (Applicant List, Final Participant List)   
      Organizers of Case Study Session and All SIG Meeting (Satish Babu, Onno Purbo, Babu ram Aryal,...)
      APSIG-sponsored SIG Delegates (af/Khaksar Weqar, in/Dr.Govind, pk/Ihtisham Khalid, bd/mohammad Abdul Haque, np/Rom Kant Pandey, lk/ Sagarika Wickranasekera)     
      Secretariat (Kae, Nisarat,...)
      Sponsor (Jake Lucchi)

  Documents for 2018 APSIG

      Application Form for General Participants, and Fellowship Form - available from 2018.1.1. [See Top of This Page for Forms]
      Class Evaluation - Available during 2018 APSIG, 2018.7.9-13. [2017 version]

     AIT in Bangkok as the home venue (default option) of APSIG
     Pakistan (mubashir sargata/pkSIG) submitted a letter of intent in September 2016.
     Philippines (banjz sevilla at icto.dost) submitted a letter of intent in October 2016.
     Japan (jim foster/apru-apide) submitted a letter of intent in October 2016.