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We would like to have streaming whole program of 2017 APSIG through Livestream this year
from 07-22 13:00 bangkok time/ GMT+7.

The Livestream for 2017 APSIG is here: http://livestream.com/APSIG/2017APSIG

As an experiment this year, we would like to collect good feedback from streaming participants on:
    1. camera coverage
         presenters, ppt, or presenters + ppt
    2. voice quality
    3. video quality

We would have a mailing list and/or other communication tool (Livestream chat/Skype/Zoom/...) 
among "streaming participants" to collect feedback effectively.

Please let us know if you would like to watch streaming on the whole or partially. 
For 2017 APSIG program/schedule, please refer 2017 APSIG page.