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Online courses on Internet Governance

Nadira Alaraj (nadira.alaj at gmail): Posting to APSIG-discuss, 2016-10-18

Hi all,

- In the process for preparing to a case study session for APSIG 2017, I want to complete the team to up 3 or 4 members.
Currently we are: 
Shreedeep, who took many online courses with UNESCO(MIL), UNCTAD, Diplo foundation and others. 
Myself been employing the e-leaning as blended learning in my courses during my work at the University. I also took and moderated online courses with Diplo Foundation and ISOC. 

Here I'm calling to one or two, to join the team, whom had an online experience with ISOC online courses or other MOOC courses. To those interested, do reach us directly. 

- Part of our work, we need volunteers who have the time to enroll and complete a free an online courses on Internet Governance such as

(a) The ISOC Inforum Course: Shaping the Internet - History and Futures


(b) Introduction to Internet Governance

(c) any of the MOOC courses of your interest

If you can afford the time, please reach us in order to provide us with your feedback after taking the course.

- Maybe you can help us encouraging others, who are not in this list to take any of the above courses.  If they are AP countries they might have a good chance to be good candidates to participate in the APSIG 2017. I you succeed recruiting someone, please do to connect us with them to follow up.

Looking forward hearing from you,
Best wishes

Team Members:

Amit Mahajan
Amrita Choudhury
Cashif Faruki
Grace Lee
Mohit Saraswat
Mubashir Sargana
Nadira Alaraj
Priyatosh Jana
Ramkrishna Pariyar
Shreedeep Rayamajhi
Violet Rose Ningakun
Winthrop Yu
Zakir Syed