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IoT Governance

Class Title: 7.2 IoT Governance  

Class Description:

    History of IoT
    IoT - current status
    Issues - data, privacy, security, harmonization (global, inter-disciplinary)

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Speaker's Bio:

Kilnam Chon is currently Professor Emeritus at KAIST.  He had a Ph.D from UCLA in 1974, and worked at Jet Propulsion Laboratory before he joined Korea Institute of Electronics Technology in South Korea in 1979 where he started Internet development project. From 1980s, he founded over ten regional and global Internet organizations including APAN. APSIG is the latest Internet organization he founded in 2016. He published the three-volume books on Asia Internet History in 2010s. He received many awards including Internet Hall of Fame, Jon Postel Internet Service Award and World Technology Award as well as the Presidential Award in South Korea based on Mountain Climbing.

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