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Governance of Networked Data

Class Title:  7.3 Governance of Networked Data   

Class Description:

    - what is meant by networked data
    - platforms and intermediary liability 
    - hyper-linking and various data transfer restriction laws 
    - search engines and various data transfer restriction laws
    - jurisdictions of various disputes on a global network (data localization and MLAT)

    Remark: 2017 APSIG may cover Data Governance with a 90-minutes class, and a 90-minutes session;
                         - 7.2 Governance of Networked Data by KS Park 
                         - Case Study Session on Data Governance; multinatinal corporations (Google/Jake,..), governments (India/Dr.Govind,..)

Presentation Material: [to be added] 

Speaker's Bio: 

KS Park is a Professor at the Korea University Law School and a Co-founder of www.opennetkorea.org.  He served as Commissioner (1 of 9) at Korean Communication Standards Commission, a Presidentially appointed Internet content regulation body (2011-2014).  He served as Member (1 of 20) of the National Media Commission, a Parliament-appointed advisory body on newspaper-broadcasting co-ownership bans and other media and Internet regulations (2010). He served as International Relations Counsel to the Korea Film Council and arranged the Korea-France Film Co-production Treaty, and advised on the UNESCO Cultural Diversity Convention (2002-2007). He has  served both as Executive Director, PSPD Law Center (2008-), and Open Net Korea (2013-) which have pursued and won several high profile impact litigation and legislative advocacies in freedom of speech, privacy, net neutrality, web accessibility, digital innovation, and intellectual property, including the striking down (or defending against) of the Internet real name law, the Minerva false news dissemination law, the law on warrantless seizure of subscriber identity data, the search and seizure of electronic mails without notification to the mail authors, the bad faith copyright takedown notice, the law requiring government-backed electronic signatures for all online payments, imposition of excessive criminal penalties on small copyright violations, imposition of excessive stigmatizing criminal and monitoring penalties for viewing obscene material involving virtual non-existent child characters, the government websites inaccessible to visually impaired, etc.  He founded the Korea University Law Review and the Law Schools' Clinical Legal Education Center and spearheaded www.internetlawclinic.org and www.transparency.or.kr under that Center.  KS Park Graduated from Harvard University (Physics) and UCLA Law School (JD). 

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