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Issues on Networking

Issues on networking in 2017 APSIG - draft

a. Hotel link
      - what is actual bandwidth?
             downstream:  4.15 mbps
             upstream:  4.93 mbps
        remark. sweet's measurement on 07-04
                     hotel advised 3 mbps per link.

b. Telecom link

      - what is actual bandwidth to Mobile phone link?
             downstream: 5.14 mpbs
             upstream: 2.70 mbps

        remark. sweet's measurement on 07-04.
                     4 mbps according to mobile phone carrier.

c. How many mobile phone links we would use?
      - what bandwidth 40(50) participants would typically use?

d. How many Access Points we would use?
      - we start with 1 Access Point (either provided hotel or AIT) for on-site participants on 07-22.

      - maximum concurrent users by potential routers
          TP link AC1750 (AIT): 20 (advised by AIT, not specified on its website)
          iptime N604S (prof. chon): 20 (advised by iptime)
          Truemove H’s ZTE Pocket WiFi (AIT): 10 (product cover)

          UniFi UAP‑AC‑HD (USD349): 500+ ?? (advised by AIT, product website), recommended by AIT
          UniFi UAP‑AC‑PRO (USD149): 200 ?? (product website), recommended by AIT

          remarks. AIT has two ZTE Pocket WiFi (Mini WiFi Routers).
                         ZTE Pocket WiFi does not have ethernet port to connect another Access Point.