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Closing Session - Panel and Open Discussion


Closing Session - Panel and Open Discussion

    Closing Session consists of Panel Discussion and Open Discussion with 90 to 180 minutes.


    Part 1: Panel Discussion
                        - Updates of  local/regional SIGs and IGFs
                        - Discussion on collaboration between APSIG and other regional/local SIGs and IGFs

    Part 2: Open Discussion
                        - Comment by SIG participants
                        - Discussion on current APSIG course and future APSIG.
                        - Open discussion

  List of Panelists

    regional and local SIGs
    regional and local IGFs
    other relevant groups

Remark 1  One panelist of each initiative may participate as a panelist (either on-site or remotely) with additional participant from the floor.
Remark 2  Confirmed panelists will be included in Panelist Group to discuss further.