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Meal Plan - draft

1. All the APSIG participants will be provided with the following meals:

      A la Carte breakfast at AITCC hotel restaurant from 12 to 15 September.

      Buffet at AITCC hotel restaurant (separate room) from 12 to 14 September.
      Remark. Each buffet will have different set of menu including vegetarian food and halal food.

      09-11 18:00-20:00    Buffet at AITCC hotel restaurant (separate room) with APSIG 2016 Opening session
      09-12 19:00-21:00    Swan Lake Cuisine
      09-14 19:00-21:00    Rest'er Day Cafe & Restaurant
      Remark. Vans will pick you up in front of AITCC at 18:50 on 09-12 and 09-14 and take you back after dinners.

2. For those who prefer the other eateries, there are several eateries in the vicinity of AIT. Please refer AIT map and vicinity.
 Here are a few restaurants and food kiosks inside AIT campus [5-10 minute walk from AITCC).   
        Patoo Mae Klong (Thai Food) #6
        Hom Krun Coffee #10
        UFM Bakery (Coffee and Pastries) #16
        Thai Food Restaurant #22
        SERD Kiosk #24
        SET Coffee Shop #27 
        Meeting Point Café  #31
        SU Snack Bar (Indian and Halal) #51
        108 Convenience Store #55
        AIT Cafeteria (Asian, Western and Halal) #56
        Grocery Shop #62
        West End Kiosk (Thai Food) #68
        Bahay Kubo Restaurant (Filipino Food) #68
        Vietnamese Restaurant (Thai-Vietnamese Food) #72
        Inthanin Coffee (near Dorm K)
Within AIT's vicinity 
        TU Dome Plaza [ by taxi or motorcycle]
        Le Noir Cafe [by taxi or bus #29 or 59]