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2016 Role Play Class

2016 Role Play Class - [Final Report]

Theme: Connecting the Next Billion: Challenges for Asia-Pacific
Sub-theme: Case Studies of Public/Private Sector Initiatives

Introduction: [ppt]  [text] 

Case Studies

    China: Internet +
    India:  Digital India
    Private Sector:  Free Basics,....

Expected Outcomes
As Asia-Pacific gears up for connecting the next billion, there are several challenges that the region faces. Different countries in the region have responded to these challenges in different ways, some more successful than others. While most of these responses are ongoing, the Role Play process attempts to debate the challenges and the responses from the perspective of different stakeholders (Public Sector, Private Sector, Civil Society, and Academic/Technical Community), culminating in a set of recommended actions that can be passed on to the countries concerned, in supporting them in preserving a free, open Internet, while connecting the Next Billion.

From an action perspective, India has taken the lead in two-folds: initiating Digital India and dealing with the Free Basics initiative of FaceBook, and would be useful case studies. We invite participants to submit similar challenges/responses from other countries in the region, to be taken up for discussions. 

Participants will be divided into four stakeholder groups (in case some groups are smaller, others will be assigned to them by the RP organizers). Inputs on the responses by different countries may be provided through documents, references, class-room sessions, directly from participants within the group or a combination of these (for India, the session by Mahesh Uppal may be an important input; there may be other similar lectures).

Each stakeholder group will have a Chair and a Editor/Rapporteur. The former would organize the conduct of the meetings and the latter would record discussions and present them, and also prepare a one/two page report at the end of the RP.

We will have the following four classes:

  S1 (Session 1: short)     Introduction: Group formation, process description and explanation of the theme. 
                                            Moderator: Kilnam Chon
  M5 & M6 (Session 2)     Debate I: all participants  16:00 - 17:30
                                            Moderataor: Amrita Choudhury 

                                          2.1  Introduction/Kilnam Chon, [ppt] [text] 
                                          2.2  IGF Community Intersessional Program on New Billion/ Kilnam Chon
                                          2.3  Case Study I: Public Sector Projects/Kilnam Chon
                                                 2.3.2 China:Internet +/Kilnam Chon
                                                 2.3.1 Digital India/Dr. Govind   [ppt]                                           
                                          2.4  Case Study II: Private Sector Projects/Kilnam Chon
                                                 2.4.1 Free Basics/Mahesh Uppal.  [ppt]
                                          2.5  2016 IGF Workshop: Asia and Next Billion (Satish Babu)  [ppt]
                                          2.6  Open Discussion: all participants

                                         Split (Stakeholder) Meetings; 17:30 - 18:30
  T5 (Session 3)               Debate II: all participants 17:00 - 18:00
                                          Moderator: Kilnam Chon with Editors 
                                           3.1 Progress report of 4 stakeholder groups
                                                     Civil Society:                 [ppt]     [text]
                                                     Governments:                [ppt]     [text]
                                                     Private Sector:              [ppt]     [text]
                                                     Technical/Academic:    [ppt]     [text]
                                           3.2 Open discussion

                                         Split (Stakeholder) Meetings: 18:00 - 19:00

  W3 (Session 4)            Final presentations and wrap-up 14:00 - 15:30
                                         Moderator:  Kilnam Chon with Editors

  Remark: Stakeholder debate will be held during M6(Sessions 2) and T5(Session 3), and elsewhere; over breakfast, lunch, dinner, evening.

The outcome reports of the four Stakeholder Groups are to be combined into a single report with addition of the introduction and concluding remark, 
and it will be passed on to APSIG for dissemination.

2016 Role Play Class Chairs and Editors

   Role Play Class Chair: Satish Babu
   Chief Editor: Kilnam Chon (introduction)
   Editor/Chair for each stakeholder: Governments/Dr.Govind
                                                               Private Sector/ Jim Foster 
                                                               Civil Society/Jeremy Malcolm
                                                               Technical-Academic Community/KS Park
   Moderators: S1/Kilnam Chon, M5/Amrita Choudhury, T5/Kilnam Chon, W3/Kilnam Chon

   Remark:  2016-9-11 Sunday 16:30 - 17:30 Role Play Group Pre-Meeting at Lobby of AITCC.
                 Abjijit Bose, Why Facebook failed with Free Basics, 2016.
                 CIS, TRI Consultation on Different Pricing, Background Paper on 2016 IGF Workshop Proposal, 257.
                 Chinese Government, Internet +, 2015. [bilingual article] [Forbus' article]
                 Chinese Government, Made in China 2025 Plan, 2015. [article in china daily] [csis article]
                 Kilnam Chon, The Other Billion, Techfest, Mumbai, 2015.
                 Shruti Dhapola, Decoding Net Neutrality, Financial Express, India, 2015.4.2
                 Digital India, www.digitalindia, gov.in. Wikipedia.org.
                 Facebook, Internet-beaming drone, Wired, 2016
                 Facebook, Newspaper advertisements in India, 2015.12;  234 (15 are not accessible now)                
                 Free Basics: India - Temporary Ban, Eygpt - Shutdown, Debate, 2015~2016. 
                 Google, International links with cashing.
                 Google, Project Loon.
                 Mahesh Uppal, Some media references to Mahesh Uppal on net, 2015  
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                 Mahesh Uppal, Mandating US-Style Network Neutrality Makes Little Sense For India, Huffington Post, India, 2016.5.28. 
                 Microsoft, Connecting villages, Digital India.
                 SpaceX, Low orbital satellites.