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2016 APSIG Closing Sessions


2016 APSIG Closing Sessions - Panel Discussion Session and Open Discussion Session

    closing panel discussion session with leaders of local and regional SIGs followed by open discussion session.
  Date/Time: 2016-09-14 Wednesday 16:00~19:00
                                          16:00-17:30  Part 1: Panel Discussion Session
                                          17:30-19:00  Part 2: Open Discussion Session     
  Part 1: Panel Discussion Session

    -  Local/Regional SIGs Updates
    - Open discussion

  List of candidate panelists

    Chair: Mubashir Sargana
    India SIG - Satish Babu (ISOC-TRV) and/or Amrita Choudhury (ISOC-Delhi)
    Pakistan SIG - Mubashir Sargana
    South Korea SIG - Jungbae An
    China SIG - Hong Xue (remotely)
    Sri Lanka ? - Gihan Dias
    MEAC-SIG - Fahd Batayneh (remotely)
    APILP (2011~2012) - Hong Xue (remotely)
    APILP (2012~ ) - Kelvin Wong
    APrIGF - Chester Soong
    Open SIG Courseware Project - Kilnam Chon

    Remark 1. One panelist of each initiative to participate as panelist (either on-site or remotely) with additional people in the floor.
    Remark 2. We may have additional panelists of local/regional SIGs/IGFs.
    Remark 3. Confirmed panelists will be included in Panelist Group to discuss further.

Part 2: Open Discussion Session

    - Comment by APSIG participants on selected topics
    - Discussion on current APSIG and future APSIG
    - Open discussion

Chair: Jungbae An