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1.3B Net Neutrality

Lecturer:  Mahesh Uppal
Modertor: KS Park
Commentator:  KS Park and Jeremy Malcolm (10 minutes each)

Class Description (Mahesh Uppal)
   The Net Neutrality Challenge

            1.   Introduction: Evolution of Net Neutrality Concerns
                        Market power of network operators and threat to Net Neutrality
                        Perspective of Network Operator
            2.  International approaches to Net Neutrality
                        US, Europe, Latin America, Asia
            3.  Case Study: India
            4.  Major issues around the Net Neutrality
                        Open Internet, Access, Technology, Investment, Competition
            5.  Designing Net Neutrality regulation
                        Designing Net Neutrality Regulation
                        Reconciling regulatory objectives
                        Managing incentives and risks
            6.   Conclusion: Preliminary Learning  

   Mahesh Uppal, Free Basics, 2015.
   Mahesh Uppal, TRAI's NN Challenge, 2015.
   Mahesh Uppal, Tailor NN to suite Indian market, 2015.
   Mahesh Uppal, What to do about NN?, 2015.